FDR And Chiang Kai-Shek Said Tibet Belonged To China

In a surprising move, the Chinese government resurrected World War II correspondence between the hated Chiang kai-Shek and President Roosevelt to prove the United States has always backed China’s right to Tibet. It quotes a communication between Roosevelt and Churchill which has FDR saying: “I asked Churchill why did he mention Tibet at all, and he replied that Britain had no intention to occupy the region. I then said Tibet had been part of China since imperial times and it is now part of the Republic of China which had nothing to do with Britain.” The material also contains a telelgram from Soong Tes-wen to Chiang kai-Shek on May 21, 1943, which states the foreign minister had been told by Churchill: “In all treaties China inked with Britain, the British government ackowledged Tibet as part of China.”

The world is truly surprised that Communist China is now citing remarks from their hated enemy, Chiang kai-Shek, to support China’s claim to Tibet. Who knows what is next, transforming Chiang into a new hero of the Communist world?