Fear Al-Qaeda Opening Branch In Lebanon

The Bush invasion of Iraq not only created chaos in Iraq, but it made al-Qaeda a powerful force in the Middle East. John McCain continues his idiotic comments concerning bringing “democracy to Iraq” and is oblivious of the impact of the invasion upon the stability of the entire Middle East. Lebanese security forces just cracked a terrorist cell that is now operating in its country and has been established by al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda group already has launched attacks on the Lebanese army. Ahmed Moussali, of the American University in Beirut, commented: “what we are witnessing is the tip of an iceberg” and Lebanon can expect an increase in terrorism carried out by either al-Qaeda or its allies.

Moussali emphasized the terrorist groups “are against everything and everybody. Their agenda is ultimately to install a utopian Islamic system, but now they are at a stage of deconstruction.” Mainstream Islamic groups deny they are aiding the spread of such groups, but, undoubtedly they are not aggressively fighting them. Lebanon Intelligence believes the Palestinian refugee camps are a hotbed for their recruitment.