Fear Massacre Of Iranian Refugees In Iraq

Under the regime of Saddam Hussein, thousands who opposed the Iranian religious government fled to the relative safety of Iraq. However, now that a pro-Iran government controls Iraq there is fear it will expel 3,000 people and force them to return home to Iran where death is most probably their fate. Camp Asharaf, north of Baghdad, has housed the Iranians refugees. The International Committee of Jurists in Defense of Ashraf believes when US forces turn over the region to Iraqi forces, the Iranians will be expelled and sent to their deaths in Iran. “It is like putting foxes in charge of protecting the chicken coop,”said Marc Henzelin, “we don’t want to have a massacre.”

Iran is demanding that its Iraq friends repay them for help given by giving them back the Iranian refugees. Such is the sad world of Iraq created by the American invasion.