Female Bishops, Anyone In Church of England?

The fight over rights women possess in the Church of England has gone on for a few decades with gradual empowerment of females within the confines of those with power. A few years ago about 500 priests left for other religious climes because women were allowed to be ordained as priests and now the struggle is the next step as to whether or not they will be allowed to become a bishop. The General Synod argued the issue until finally 370 of the 480 present voted to allow this topic to be sent to the 45 dioceses in the Church of England for discussion and analysis. It is expected there will be a favorable outcome and women in about two years will be on the path to become a bishop. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury urged delegates to avoid dropping this topic into the basket of “too difficult” to handle and address what must be done.

As one who is not a religious institution minded person, this is another of those who the heck cares issues that religious people spend years discussing even though the answer is clear– all are equal before God and equal means women as well as men. People are starving in the world, there is conflict and anger, but so-called religious leaders prefer arguing if women should become bishops. Sorry, this is a storm in a teacup issue.