Female Cops In Kuwait Upset Some Folk

The issue as to whether a woman should be allowed to arrest a man in chauvinistic Kuwait has aroused anger among those who believe a woman should be hiding behind the veil, not whipping out a gun. Conservative members of society are angry and MP Hayef has threatened to grill the interior minister about allowing women into the police force. He charges it is “an abuse to the female identity, a violation of Islamic ethics and vvalues and a blind imitation of western and Westernized” civilizations. The controversy once again got into the media when the Ministry of Interior said it was considering allowing female officers to patrol the streets along with male officers. Alaa Al-Ajmi, points out she came from a conservative family and somehow convinced them to allow her to play soccer, now that is her profession. She believes once females are on the streets and working as police officers fears will disappear.

Those concerned about female rights believe it important to have women in the police because it allows women being abused to openly discuss their situation. Allowing women to be police officers is the first step in protecting the rights of all women–and men!