Female Muslim Leads Prayers In Britain

Professor Amina Wdud, a visiting American scholar from California, will be the first woman to lead Friday prayers in Britain. She will be delivering the sermon as part of a conference on Islam and feminism which is being held at Oxford. Taj Hargery, a fighter for human rights in South Africa, said the Koran is clear, “whatever is not expressly prohibited is permitted.” He challenged Literalists who say a woman should never lead a community. He signaled out the Wahhabi who do not believe in the “innate equality of men and women.”

Mokh-tar-Badri, vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain, argued that not allowing women to lead prayers had nothing to do with prejudice against females. He said God had ordained, “Women can lead prayers before other women, but before a congregation of men and women, a man must lead.” That is one view on what God wants.