Female Veteran Care Raises Questions

Women have long served in the United States armed forces, but in recent times they now constitute a significant percentage of overall strength. Congress commissioned a review of what the Veterans Administration is doing concerning medical care provided female veterans and the results were mixed. Overall, it appears that at least in one-third of VA facilities women receive worse treatment than do men. There is need for more health care providers to have training in issues pertaining to women, particularly those who specialize in female diseases and treatment. Although women now constitute about 5% of veterans, that figure will significantly rise once military personnel return from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The times they are a’changing and this means more doctors who are trained to work with females and women diseases. This means better equipment and facilities that are specifically designed to accommodate women. In the coming years the percentage of women in the armed forces will rise and the VA has to begin restructuring its facilities and personnel to recognize the changes.