Female Veterans Are Among Homeless

During the past decade our military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have been handled by a volunteer army. For the first time in American history, the armed forces contain large numbers of women who have been deployed into combat zones. The wars go on,  women soldiers endure the same fears and anxieties about roadside bombs and being killed by someone as they walk down the street. Women veterans return home with the nightmares of war in their minds.

A study by the State Department of Veterans Affairs in North Carolina reveals an increasing number of women veterans who lack housing and are now classified as homeless. The National Coalition for the Homeless believes at least 4% of homeless people in this nation are female veterans of the armed forces. The nation forgets while in the military few can purchase a home so when they leave the armed forces, housing is an important issue.

There are 20,000,000 without jobs in this country and veterans are in this mix.  I realize Republicans do not wish to encourage laziness by having government funds provide jobs for the homeless. Government funds are only available if you are ready to risk your life in combat. The war winds down, and now Republicans say veterans are on their own. Perhaps, veterans might take some advice from Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin and head to the nearest church and pray to God for a job.