Ferry From Hell

Every so often a story appears in the world media which leaves me bewildered and confused. A ferry which included a few hundred children somehow tilted which resulted in capsizing and leaving over 200 passengers, many of them school children, still missing. There are about 28 confirmed dead, but there are over two hundred whose presence is still unknown. I was raised on movies in which a gallant captain would remain at the wheel determined to get everyone to safety. It turns out that Captain Lee Jun-seok, and many of his brave crew were among the first to flee for their lives when the boat tilted. In fact, the captain wasn’t even at the wheel since he left that job to the THIRD MATE!This tragedy no longer is one of bravery or cowardice, but more like the story of a bunch of incompetents who were left in possession of a modern vessel of the sea.

The story becomes even more bewildering since supposedly hundreds of text messages were allegedly sent by students trapped in the vessel. It now turns out this was a massive hoax. Who are the people who could make up such text messages? A vice principal from the student’s school committed suicide as rescuers work in dark waters seeking any sign of hope. There are times when God does work in mysterious ways, that is, if there really is this thing we call, God!