Fewer Chinese Children Up For Foreign Adoption

It is a common sight in America to see a couple cuddling their Chinese adopted child, but those scenes may not be so apparent in the coming years. Fewer Chinese children will be available for adoption by foreigners if the shift toward adoption by Chinese couples continues to grow. About 52,000 children were registered for adoption and foreigners adopted 12,000 but last year the number available to be adopted had declined to 46,000 and foreigner only adopted 10,000. Wang Suyng of the Ministry of Civil Affairs(MCA) notes: “the number of Chinese couples applying to adopt children has been substantial in recent years.” Chinese officials working with orphaned children argue they are attempting to adhere to international standards which given preference to couples from the native land of the child.

Historically, Chinese couples preferred male babies but there appears to be a shift as more and more of those in the growing affluent class seem more interested in enjoying the experience of being a parent and less concerned if the child is a boy or girl. As Wang pointed out, “now more and more chinese people are adopting kids simply because they love children and are proud to become foster parents.”

Most probably American couples seeking adoption will have to move on to other areas in the world.