Fidel-Press Quoted Me Correctly-Unfairly!

Fidel Castro is accustomed to offering the people of Cuba at least a five hour oration in which he rambles on and on about their lives and what is happening in the world. According to Jeffrey Goldberg, the Cuban leaders concluded a long speech at lunch with the remark, “The Cuban model doesn’t work for us anymore.” After his comment was broadcast throughout the world, Fidel sighed and insisted one should never pay attention to his literal remarks, but should dig beneath his words in order to grasp the full implication of what he said. When the man whose mouth roars and says, “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore,” he obviously meant the model that was proposed such as drawing upon a market economy. That was the “doesn’t work” he meant. Fidel, knows as well as anyone in the country, that Cubans enjoy a high standard of living, they can express any viewpoint that agrees with that of the government and who the heck wants to eat meat more than once a week!

His own brother, Raul, has made numerous complaints about the archaic economic model that Fidel either says doesn’t or does work. When Fidel speaks it is all too easy to fall asleep and miss the intent of his comments on life and Cuba.