Fidel Returns From The Dead!

Reports of the death of Fidel Castro have been greatly exaggerated and the man who has been intellectually and ethically brain dead for over half a century apparently is alive in the nation of Cuba. A few days ago photographs of him in Havana were released and last night he appeared–alive– on Cuban television. This is the first time since 2006 that Cubans will be allowed to enjoy one of his famous eight hour displays of verbal arrogance as he reviews the state of the world in his own special style. The Great Leader did surprise many by releasing 52 political prisoners as part of an arrangement with the Catholic Church. Who knows, maybe he has decided to become a priest which would give him a springboard to become the next pope. The only recent comment from the Great Leader and Wise One is his annoyance with the World Cup which he believes was a deliberate act of the Zionist -American alliance to distract the world by having people watch football and thus allow forces of imperialism to do as they darn well please.

I was among those who welcomed his overthrow of the dictator Batista because we regarded him as a force of democracy in Cuba. Ah, the dreams of yesterday and the realities of yesterday.