Fidel Speaks And Speaks And Speaks

Fidel Castro apparently is no longer in the hospital  suffering from whatever illness has kept him quiet for a few years. The other day he invited writers , artists, musicians and assorted intellectuals to visit him in order to spend time with his mind as it wandered around the universe. He talked and talked and talked for at least nine hours. I assume there were opportunities for potty breaks since if he is going to shit on those who think it is only fair to allow them to do a little shitting.

Who knows what he said let alone who cares what he said. He brought a much needed revolution to Cuba, and then betrayed it by installing a government of one man–and, his family. The people of Cuba deserved the right to have a government they elected. This man who has imprisoned intellectuals, gays and political opponents wants to talk to intellectuals–about what? Prison life, I assume.