Fifteen Minutes Of World Fame

To anyone reading these words we offer a few suggestions on how to have your name published all over the world and your face become familiar to over a billion people. It is very simple. just follow the examples of men like Terry Jones in the United States or Sion Owens who lives in Wales, England. Terry is now a familiar name to a few million people in Afghanistan and Sion is attempting to secure even more fame. Sion Owens is running for a local Assembly seat in Wales. He is a senior member of the British National Party (BNP) which is currently celebrating the anniversary death of their beloved hero, Adolf Hitler. You know, the man who wanted to kill millions of people. Sion has just released a video which depicts him holding a Koran, dousing it with kerosene, taking out a match and lighting the book so it bursts into flames and the camera watches it slowing disintegrate into ashes.

We expect that a few million Muslims all over the world will pour out into the streets with banners showing the face of Sion Owens who will become an instant celebrity from Baghdad to Jakarta. The old slogan was, “Join the Army and See the World,” the new slogan is, “Burn a Koran and have the world see you!”