Fight Death With Death?

Each day reveals further evidence of how the Egyptian military government intends to deal with the issue of Islamist terrorists in their nation. A suicide bomber blows self up in a police station and kills fifteen or another bomber attempts to blow up a bus. The result is hate and hate being created within the Egyptian society and as anger increases so does the desire for revenge. At least one thousand Islamists already have been killed and thousands more rot in jail. The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization and anyone who protests against these actions faces the possibility of a five year prison sentence. So, what is the strategy:

1. For each act of violence, respond with more acts of violence.

2. Shut down organizations on some theory that doing so…….?

3. Arrest ANY protester, Islamist or secular and expand forces of violence.

4. Make Mohamed Morsi into a martyr. That definitely will end violence.

5. Ignore creation of a genuine democratic government.

Just remember Iraq!