Fight In Iraq, Beaten In Oakland

According to Fox News, protesters in the cities of America who demand an  end to economic inequality are simply an American version of al-Qaeda. New photographs taken in Oakland early in November reveal that Kayan Sabehgi, a returned Iraq war veteran was savagely beaten by members of the Oakland police department. Photographer Neill Rivas happened to be at the scene and watched as Mr. Sabeghi was halted by policemen who then proceeded to beat the hell out of him. Rivas insists the war veteran was “completely peaceful,” and “there were no curse words. He was telling them he was a war veteran, a resident of Oakland, a business owner.”

Apparently, being a resident, a war vet and owner of a business is not sufficient to prevent Oakland police from banging batons on one’s legs, then proceeding to upper parts of the body, and then allowing the victim to lay in pain for hours before being taken to a hospital.

I assume there were moments when Mr. Sabeghi wished he was back in Iraq!