Fight, Not Flight?

The ongoing saga of Oscar Pistorious continues now that the trial has resumed after a break from proceedings that still baffle me. Anyway, after Chief Prosecutor Nel tore into the Pistorious story, lawyers for the defense felt the need to return once more to the scene of battle with another strategy. In essence, they now argue that a man without legs feels terrified and defenseless and thus is prone to take actions that ordinary men might not. Meryll Voster, a forensic psychiatrist, told the High Court in Pretoria: “When confronted with a threat, Mr. Pistorious is more likely to respond with a ‘fight,’ than a ‘flight’ response as his physical capacity to fight is limited. The safety measures that he implemented at his home appear to have been out of proportion to that of the general South African population.” I do not doubt that is his feeling and those are his fears.

However, this same attitude is also found in America by millions of men and women who possess two working legs. They grab a gun and blast away at a stranger who knocks on their door seeking directions, one man recently blasted a kid who wandered into his garage by mistake. Mr. Pistorious has every right to defend himself PROVIDED THERE WAS A THREAT UPON HIS LIFE! But, no such threat existed!