Fight Over Gay Ban Not Gay

The Pentagon will be releasing its report on whether the infamous, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy should be ended. There have been so many words written or spoken about this topic it is virtually impossible to add a new one to the debate. The 370 page Pentagon report concludes that most members of the military support and end to the policy as to their family members. BUT, there are those who oppose ending the ban. Naturally, since a 101% did not agree to end the ban, this will justify Republicans like John McCain for arguing they are fighting to protect the rights of the minority. Can’t you hear him speaking: “When I was a POW in Hanoi during the Vietnam War my life was not being threatened by the torture I endured, but the thought that one of my fellow prisoners was gay and would make an advance on me while I slept in the cell. Pull out my finger nails, let me hang from a ceiling, but please, dear God, don’t make me sleep next to a gay guy.”


400,000 surveys sent out to members of the military. 115,052 reponded. 150,000 surveys sent to family members, 44,260 responded.
Conclusion: A majority is in favor of ending the ban on gays and lesbians.
Republican Conclusion: Since 101% is not for ending the ban, it must remain.