It is time for President Obama and the Democratic Party to stand up for the people of this nation and cease dodging tough issues. Obama has given in to the hostage takers believing if you give them this demand, it is the end of demands. Ridiculous! The Republican Party has been aggressive and with cooperation of Fox News and nut case like Rush Limbaugh it has dominated the news because the president allows them to do so. It is time to draw a line in the sand and go before the American people in an honest manner. Franklin Roosevelt in the Depression was opposed by 70% of the media, Harry Truman in 1948 was opposed by over 70% of the media, but they trusted that honesty and the truth would be understood by this nation. Obama has refused to speak consistently with this nation, he refuses to hold press conferences, he refuses to reach out in clear terms. We propose the following campaign:

1. Solicit the cooperation of Billy Gates and Warren Buffet as well as other prominent wealthy businessmen who oppose tax cuts.

2. Hold press conferences with Gates and Buffet by your side and allow them to explain why, as businessmen, they oppose tax cuts for the wealthy.

3. Bring together outstanding economists who have won the Nobel prize and have them explain why the tax cut for the wealthy will not improve the economy.

4. Organize Internet and YouTube presentations by the above and spread the word.

5. Mr. President, show some passion and show some fight. Challenge the Republicans.

5. Above all always remember one can not negotiate with a bully.

6. Above all always remember one can not negotiate with a hostage taker.