Fight War At Hand Or After Hand?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced his department’s abandonment of a long standing policy of the United States being able to confront simultaneously two major conventional wars. Gates says American must focus its attention on conflicts at hand, and worry less about conflicts that might emerge in the far distance. “We have learned through painful experience that the wars we fight are seldom the wars that we planned.” Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, noted the United States and Russia had made considerable progress in reducing nuclear weapons and cooperating to avoid possible nuclear conflict. Therefore, one might pose, is the threat of nuclear war one that should be of major concern or should we be focusing on how some militants might gain access to nuclear devices that would be used for a single attack/

The review initiated by Gates concludes the US must balance resources and risk accoding to four key objectives. The first imperative is to prevail in today';s wars, the second to prevent and deter conflicts, the third, to prepare the military for a wide range of contingencies, and finally to preserve and enhance America’s all volunteer force.