Fighting A Non-War

Rebel Libyan forces smashed their way into the town of Ajdabiya which they had abandoned just week ago. As they entered the town there were blackened tanks, weapons on the ground and evidence that forces loyal to Gaddafi had fled in panic. No, it was not due to the military skill of rebels. The destruction arose from constant air attacks by NATO planes, particularly those flown by the French. So far, we know that Gaddafi forces will hesitate to stand up in combat with enemy forces if air planes can take part it the battle. This raises a dilemma for the US and European nations. Will air power be used in order to assist the advance of rebel soldiers into areas that are currently under the control of chief thug Gaddafi?

It also raises the question as to how long will these planes be available to rebel forces? Is Gaddafi willing to wait out western planes and wait until they grow weary once it clear the rebels cannot win this non-war on their own?