Finally, Afghan Success Story-Leads World in Opium Production

The United States finally has achieved success in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is now the source of 92% of all opium production in the world. The southern province of Helmand, which is a center of Taliban activity, is undoubtedly a major source of opium. The ironic aspect of this story is opium production was literally wiped out under Taliban rule, but since the invasion, the Taliban have switched from opposing to supporting opium production because they need the money.

Let’s see if we can get this right. The Bush administration wants drug users to say “no.” So, they invade a country which has wiped out drug production in order to create chaos which allows that nation to resume drug production. What if the Bush administration simply said “no” to an invasion of Afghanistan? Or, suppose they said “yes” to concentrating American forces in Afghanistan to wipe out the Taliban and Osama bin Laden? If we had focused on the Taliban, we probably could have controlled drug production.

George Bush can place on his accomplishments as president that he presided over enabling opium production to soar to new heights.