Just imagine, every Jewish child this year seeking to participate in a confirmation ceremony has spent his or her entire life being witness to the war in Afghanistan. They have, literally, not known a day of their lives in which peace reigned in Afghanistan and that nation did not have the presence of American troops. An election was held this year and both candidates claim to have won this battle. Rumors spread that each was preparing followers and clan friends to gather the arms of war and join in the conflict which would result in fighting the Taliban, fighting one another, and fighting US-UN troops. Fortunately, Secretary of State John Kerry rushed to Kabul and finally got both sides to reach a compromise.

1. Ballots throughout the nation will be picked up by US-NATO forces and brought to Kabul in order to determine who won the election.

2. Regardless of which person won, the other would join in a consensus government.

3. John Kerry, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani raised hands in triumph, all laughed and promised peace.

I trust when current American youth get married and have children, their sons and daughters will enjoy a confirmation ceremony while peace reigns in Afghanistan.