Finally An African Leader Speaks About Human Rights!

Among the most serious problems on the African continent is failure on the part of its leaders to take a stand against violations of human rights by other African leaders. They are ready to thunder about colonialism or transgressions on the part of Europeans, but when it comes to thugs like Robert Mugabe or monsters like Sudan President al-Bashir, there is silence because no African leader wishes to break their unofficial vow never to speak ill of an African leader. It was a refreshing surprise to read in The New York Times a blasting column by Nobel Peace prize winner, Desmond Tutu who supports the trial of Sudan’s brutal leader on charges of war crimes against the people of Darfur. Tutu said he was ashamed that so many African leaders had rallied around Bashir. “Because the victims in Sudan are African, African leaders should be the staunchest supporters of efforts to se perpetrators brought to account.”

Instead of standing by those who have suffered, “African leaders have so far rallied behind the man responsible or turning that corner of Africa into a graveyard.”