Finally An Apology

When Benjamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister of Israel his nation enjoyed close ties with Turkey. In fact, Turkish and Israel military forces conducted joint exercises. Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman insulted the Turkish ambassador and then Israel armed units prevented a ship load of civilian goods to proceed to Gaza. In the process Israel soldiers killed civilians. The result was loss of Turkey as an ally and friend. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan demanded an apology, compensation for those injured or killed and easing of the Gaza blockade. Bibi Netanyahu refused all such requests, after all, he is the Bibi man.

President Obama was able to convince the Bibi man to  apologize by telephoning Erdogan and using the word,”apology.” Wow! the sky did not fall, terrorists did not blast away, all was quiet and serene. Finally, Bibi acted like a mensch. Perhaps, Israel politicians will finally grasp what Winston Churchill used to say: “Jaw, jaw, not war,war.”