Finally- Iran Court Orders Investigation Into Canadian’s Death

Iran’s Supreme Court finally gave its OK for an investigation of the death of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian journalist, who was killed while taking pictures outside of the Evin prison in 2003. Iranian officials initially said Ms. Kazemi died of a stroke, but a committee appointed by the reformist President Mohammad Khatami found she died of a fractured skill and brain damage. The conservative judiciary rejected the committee’s findings and concluded she died of an accidental fall. Initially, a secret agent who interrogated Ms. Kazemi was charged with murder, but a conservative court naturally acquitted him of the charge. At no point was Ms. Kazemi charged with any crime, but most probably, some police became upset at the pictures she was taking of a notorious prison which houses many political prisoners.Ms. Kazemi’s parents believe a prison official, Mohammad Bakhshi was the one who killed her. The case eventually was appealed to the Iran Supreme Court which now wants a further investigation into the affair.

There undoubtedly is paranoia running rampant through the Iranian police structure who desperately seek to discover American spies in their midst. They probably assaulted Ms. Kazemi because she took pictures they believe were showing political prisoners being mistreated, but there is scant evidence she had the capability to take such photos.