Finally Khodorkovsky Free

It was ten years ago on a dark night that the plane of billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky was preparing to take off on a flight to Germany when a group of Russian special forces boarded the plane and dragged him off to participate in a farce known as a “trial” because this man thought he had the right as a citizen of Russia to participate in the world of politics. His entry into the political arena frightened the Great Leader, President Vladimir Putin who regarded that it was HIS decision who could run for president, and certainly his decision as to who would be elected. Khodorkovsky was sentenced to prison and sent to Siberia while his company was taken over by some buddies of the Great Leader of Russia. After serving his sentence, Khodorkovsky went through another farce known as a trial and thus ended the thought by any wealthy man in Russia to dare challenge Putin.

Khodorkovsky had to beg for a pardon and then Putin graciously granted one. The man who was persecuted is now safe in Berlin, but the people of Russia remain in jail under supervision of the Great Leader. Most probably, this gesture came about in response to the upcoming Olympic Games at Sochi. One doubts if any wealthy businessman wants to seek the presidency, unless he desires to spend ten years in Siberia!