Financial Fruits Of Sex

David Petraeus made his initial move toward success by seducing with his personality the daughter of the general who ran West Point. As hubby of a big general, it was not that difficult to wind up a general. Along the highway of his fame, David met a young woman named Paula Broadwell who became his biographer and his something else which neither will reveal. Of course, neither will tell the world whether or not they had sex, but without  a doubt both will blare the truth as part of their biographies which soon will appear at your local bookstore.

Paula is upset, heck, she is devastated at what she has done to David, to her family, to herself and to Jill and God knows who else are part of this drama of life. David Petraeus has hired a top lawyer, not only to help in court, but to negotiate a book, a book tour, numerous TV talk shows, and, who knows? a gig on Fox News?

Gee, wouldn’t it be great if the rest of America could make a few million from a simple roll in the hay?