Find A Place For Them

It was just a few months ago that Senator Rand Paul demanded that President Obama build electric fences and send hundreds of helicopters to supervise our border with Mexico in order to prevent illegal immigrants from swarming over the border and coming to America to pick peaches. He was concerned that illegal folk would take away jobs from Americans who want to pick strawberries and pick  up garbage. The Senator now argues, “let’s  start the conversation by acknowledging we are not going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants. If you want to work, if you want to live and work in America, we will find a place for you.” He is proposing something termed, “probation.”

If 12 million illegal immigrants left America tomorrow it would  seriously damage the economy because it would remove 12 million customers who purchase goods each day of the week. It would open new jobs in the farm fields of America, but unfortunately, those jobs would go unfilled. Let’s face reality, there are not millions waiting to seek jobs in meat packing plants. I have no idea as to the meaning of “probation.”

Oh, the Obama  administration has deported twice as many illegal immigrants as did the Bush administration.