Finland Becoming Less European More Asian

Europe is undergoing a dramatic revolution in the composition of its population. Most people regard nations like Sweden or Finland as falling outside the immigrant surge which has impacted Europe over the past half century. Helsinki and some neighboring cities now have over 90,000 residents with an immigrant background and their numbers have grown by 25% in the past few years. In the early 1990s, immigrants came from Russia or Estonia, but the new wave is from Asia including numerous people immigrating from China and India. The Finnish government just granted immigration rights to a group of Palestinians who were living in Iraq. Finland also has a large number of immigrants from Somalia.

Immigrants tend to concentrate in neighborhoods already having people from their own background and they move into areas with cheap housing or government assisted housing since they are just entering the labor market and tend to have low wages jobs. Finland by the year 2050 may well be a rather diverse society. Welcome to the 21st century.