Finland Immigrants Population Seeks Education

According to most forecasts, immigrant population will continue to grow due to the decline in birth rates among Europeans and the need for workers to handle tasks not being done by the native born population. A study by the Finnish National Board of Education concludes immigrant success in school depends upon several factors such as their cultural background, length of time in Finland and their ability to gain expertise in the Finnish language. However, second generation immigrants perform at higher levels than native born Finns. It is estimated by 2025 about one in five students attending school in the greater Helsinki area will be of immigrant background.

An issue for current children of immigrants is the smaller percent who go on to upper secondary school. This should not be surprising since it is common in virtually all societies which have a heavy immigrant influx. It takes one or two generations for immigrant children to reach the level of native born students. As is so frequently the case lack of teachers with language skills to work with immigrant children is factor in the inability or lack of interest on the part of immigrant children to go on to upper secondary school.