Finland Reflects On Second School Shooting

The Finnish population, the media, and government are still recovering from the shock of a second brutal shooting in a school within a year. The initial question dealt with the identity and reasoning of the person who committed the shooting, and as a more complete picture emerged questions shifted to how the young man gained access to a weapon and how so leisurely wandered into a school. There are now concerns about whether Finland needs stricter gun control laws or should it follow the path of many American schools which have metal detectors. The latest poll reveals most Finns believe they are a peaceful people, but 80% now want restrictions imposed on gun ownership.

A major issue is stems from revelations the shooter was boasting on the Internet and YouTube about his desires to do something. There are reports the police who interviewed him the day before the shooting were ordered to take away his gun, but, for some unknown reason this was not done. Psychologists are discussing ways to identify future killers, but, this appears wishful thinking and not stemming from any grasp of reality.

School bullying is something schools can address. Identifying children who are loners can be done. There is need for more community building within schools in order to develop bonds of relationships between those in the school.