Finland’s Warmest Winter Ever!

It is now official, in most parts of Finland, the ongoing winter has een the warmest ever measured since the beginning of regularly recorded readings. According to the Finnish Meterological Institute, the mean temperature from December through February was approximately 1 degree C higher than in the previous recod mild winter of 1924-1925. When comparing the present winter with the average period from 1971-2000, the temperatures were as much as 4 to 6.5 degrees higher. The Meterological Institute believes the record mild winter is a consequence of climate change, and the consistent westerly and southwesterly air flows that Finland has been experiencing. The air flows have, in turn, been affected by the higher than average surface water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is no doubt Bush “scientists” will have an explanation for the mild Finnish winter that fits with their view of the non-existance of global warming. Undoubtedly, they will blame hot air emanating from Democractic Party candidates as being responsible for the rise in temperatures.