Finnish People Support Afghanistan Mission

A poll on Finnish attitudes toward their involvement in the war in Afghanistan revealed that half the population supports the effort despite the reality Finnish troops are quartered in dangerous areas of Afghanistan. Around a third of those polled would like to pull troops out while 16% have no opinion. A surprising aspect of the poll is that those over 50 years of age, about half want troops back home while younger Finns are more supportive of the operation. Of the 29-34 year-olds, no less than 59% want troops to remain fighting in Afghanistan. Ironically, the bulk of respondents do not believe objectives of the NATO operation will be achieved in Afghanistan.

These results stand in sharp contrast to young people of the sixties who began the anti-war movement to end fighting in Vietnam. Perhaps, the lack of a draft means one can take a macho image of fighting since someone else other than you will do the fighting. Where have all the idealist young people gone? Were have all the flowers gone– gone to graveyards everyone!!