Finnish School Shooter’s Parents Discuss His Life

The parents of Pekka-Eric Auvinen, who shot several students in a Finnish school last year discussed their son for the first time on the anniversary of his destructive action. The father said he spent the morning with his son who outwardly, at least, was normal. Later, a schoolmate called and asked if either Pekka or his gun were at home. This was the first Mr. Auvinen even knew his son owned a gun. He found a receipt for the gun in his son’s room along with a note that indicated according to the father, “that hopefully conditions would be better in the future for individuals and there was the hope that nobody would have to do anything like that again.” After reading the note, he went into a state of shock.

The parents insisted their son had long been the object of bullying at school and that even in elementary school he had been harassed by other children. “He was attacked, thrown against the coat racks. He was also shot with a pellet gun on his way to school nd had a laser pointer pen pointed at his eyes.” The boy constantly asked his parents why no one would be his friend.

Variations of Pekka’s story continually crop up AFTER shootings.