Finnish School Tragedy Raises Unanswered Questions

As the story behind the slaughter of innocent Finnish students becomes better known, many questions remain unanswered about Matti Saari. Students were sitting for an exam that Saari was supposed to take and most of the victims knew their killer. Chief Inspector Jari Neulaniemi, says “he set off with killing in mind, and what we have heard confirms this. He carried out his deed in cold blood and shot and killed classmates that he knew well.” Initial accounts indicate there was no scuffle or attempt to halt the shooting because everything happened so quickly. Saari had frequently spent his free time with students in the class and apparently was close friends with at least one or two. A photograph circulating on Internet shows Saari and one of the victims mugging and making faces. In the picture, Saari jokingly points as his friend’s head with his forefinger.

No one knows who shot the video in which Saari is shown firing a pistol and the police believe one of the victims might have been the person who filmed Saari. It is clear Saari was standing close to each of his victims and they had no opportunity to escape being shot.

As in all of these events, the killer is known to school officials, he is usually an ordinary student with no record of extensive problems. One day, something triggers off anger, that is the unknown — what initiated the action?