Fire Again In Tunisia

Two years ago, a young Tunisian man burned himself in protest at living in a society run by a dictator that prevented youth from attaining good jobs and a decent life. This was the spark that led to the famous Arab Spring. Two days ago, Chokri Belaid, head of a left wing democratic opposition party was shot to death after constantly receiving death threats from Islamist groups which deplore any form of secular life. Thousands are in the streets, they are tired of being  oppressed by thugs from Islamist groups that refuse to accept the concept of a democratic society in which each invidual makes his or her own religious and moral decisions. T

President Moncef Marzouki and his Ennahda Islamist party have failed to create a successful economy that can provide work, for most Tunisians their  daily life is no different than it was under Tunisia’s longtime dictator, Abidine Ben Ali.  Tunisian Prime Minister Hamdi Jebali announced the end of his nation’s curent government and his decision to create a coalition government including all perspectives.

At some point  a government must crack down on Islamist radicals.