Fire At Will To Save England

Members of the wealthy class in America of England or whichever nation one seeks to cite believe the cause of economic problems in the world falls on the shoulders of lazy workers. For some reason, there are those who blame banks or lack of creative minded business leaders, but when push comes to shove, the answer is very simple– fire at will any and all workers who will not accept long hours and low wages. The government of David Cameron in England is proposing legislation which makes easier for employers to fire anyone they seek to fire, with or without cause.

I realize there are fuzzy minded liberals and labor leaders who fail to understand that a worker who obeys without question and accepts whatever is demanded by the boss is a productive one. It is time to cease blaming banks and stock brokers and blame workers. The British Chamber of Commerce put it concisely: “we welcome the government’s reform program.”

Shut up Tiny Tim and get back to work, for God’s sake you are already ten years old!