Fire Away Says Mitt!

The last time America had a Republican in the White House, troops invaded Iraq in order to bestow the blessings of democracy upon a people not ready for such a form of government. Mitt Romney, who made certain during the war in Vietnam, his body was overt in France spreading the Mormon knowledge. He lacks knowledge of war, he lacks knowledge of foreign policy, but he does not lack knowledge of how to get money from wealthy conservative American Jews–play the hawk Israel card.

Mitt is in Israel to make friends and get money. An aide told the media when questioned as to whether Romney would support Israel military action: If Israel has to take action on its own in order to stop Iran from developing that capacity(nuclear weapons), the governor would support that decision.”

If Israel attacks Iran, thousands of missiles, currently in Lebanon, under control of Hezbollah, would head toward Israel. Suicide bombers would blow themselves up. Clashes would arise between Palestinians and Israel armed forces. Missiles would be fired from the Gaza strip, and Israel would invade that area. We would have chaos in the Middle East.

Please do not vote for this incompetent fool who lacks any understanding of war.