Fire In The Afternoon

It was family day at a prison in Chile, and hundreds of people gathered in the courtyard awaiting an aopportunity to see their loved one who was inside. Suddenly, they saw smoke, many thought they heard sounds coming from some of the buildings. Smoke rose higher and it was clear there was a fire. Suddenly, riot police poured into the area and dashed inside the prison gates. Someone in a building noticed a TV program was showing pictures of fire inside the prison. A TV announcer said the station had just received a phone call from a prisoner inside the prison. The people of Chile heard his voice shouting for help as smoke surrounded him. In the background they could hear shouts pleading for help to get out of the fire.

83 inmates died in the fire. Firefighters were not immediately allowed in because the police insisted it was their duty to first enter the facility. The prison was built for 700 and had 1,900 inmates crowded together like cattle.
Oh, the fire department said it first received information about the fire from an illegal phone. I guess the warden was busy figuring out how to explain this fiasco.