Fire Next Time

It is cold in the Ukraine, certainly not the best time to become engaged in a conflict with your own government over the issue of who has the power and who is going to do what about the future of the Ukraine. At this moment, it is about 9 degrees above zero in our beloved city of Kiev. Thousands are shivering in buildings in order to prevent the government from its normal behavior as the boss who gained power via means of a power grab. Yes, there are barriers in the streets to prevent the governmentfom engaging in normal activities. Yes, there are hundreds of police prepared to do something. The government insists that it will do nothing. Protesters insist that it will do something violent.

Behind the scenes lurks the evil shadow of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

1. Putin will do nothing.
2. Putin will push the Ukraine president to take action.
3. Protesters will employ violence to attain power.
4. A deadlock will ensue to witness who first cracks.
5. Believe it or not a compromise is attained.