Fire Next Time In Palestine

President Obama presented two speeches in which he affirmed it was the policy of the United States to support the idea of two nations -Israel and Palestine. His AIPAC audience listened politely, nodded their heads, offered a perfunctory applause and none had their minds changed by reality. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted with the fury of a child whose toys have been taken, and responded with anger at being betrayed by the man from Kenya, or wherever. Bibi insists the 1967 border is “indefensible” and allows major Jewish centers to be part of the new nation of Palestine. President Obama promised any agreement had to be made by joint agreement which is akin to requiring passage of a law in the Senate by at least 60 votes. Bibi Netanyahu is now urging American supporters to once again raise the birth certificate issue or the one about Barack being a Muslim or anything that will halt US pressure for peace.

Frankly, it is doubtful if the Obama speech resulted in anything other than another speech about the Middle East. He talked about an “Arab Spring” of hope or something. Frankly, no one at this point knows the far long implications of Arabs overthrowing their rulers. Who knows if spring is simply a prelude to the winter of discontent? Who knows if the fury of youth demanding freedom was simply much ado about nothing? No on knows, not even the Shadow!

Barack Obama has to focus on Israel and Palestine. A peace treaty based on solutions to existing problems, at least, offers a road map to other angry Arabs. It is doubtful if Palestinian peace will impact the lives of Saudi Arabian women who want basic freedom in their lives, but it certainly offers hope. The Fire Next Time from Palestinian youth might be more violent than anything Israelis expect.