Fire Next Time In Russia

The regime of Vladmir Putin has established the most corrupt government in Europe, and among the most corrupt in the world. Anyone who dares to raise a voice of objection faces the prospect of being beaten, imprisoned or killed on some trumped up charge in order to provide the appearance of legality. Alexi Navalny has been a strong voice in the fight to create a democratic Russia. He warned the rulers of
Russia that if 2012 produced another mock presidential election, the nation might witness an Arab Spring version of protesting young people who are tired of being manipulated and coerced. “If they (the government) do not voluntarily start to reform themselves I do not doubt that this will happen in Russia.” He went on to emphasize that “corruption is the foundation of contemporary Russia, it is the foundation of Mr. Putin’s political power. He is chairman of ZAO Russia(a Russian acronym for a joint stock company)

The election of Dimitry Medvedev had raised hopes that his legal background might influence the development of a more just society, but apparently that has not been the case. As Navalny notes, “President Medvedev is simply a part of the system constructed by Putin… He is incapable of ruling anything in this country.”

The fire next time in Russia may well result in violent conflicts that could result in establishing a democracy or Putin acting like President Assad in Syria and using force to crush the opposition. Time will tell.