Fire This Time In Brazil

During the course of this century Brazil will emerge as  among the most important nations in the world. However, it remains a country in which the gap between poor and middle class and rich is enormous. Of course, we Americans also confront the same issue. Riots and demonstrations convulsed Sao Paulo as people protested a raise in transportation costs along with utility increases. They are disturbed by enormous expenditures to deal with the forthcoming Olympics. President Dilma Roussef is shocked by the turn of events. Her press secretary Gilberto Carvalho, commented: “it would be pretentious to say we understand what’s going on. If we are not sensitive we’ll be caught on the wrong side of history.”

It is a social conflict, it is a political conflict and it is an economic conflict between those who have and those who do not. Billions for sport events and no billions for those needing jobs and schools for their children. Ignore history and pay the consequences.