Fire This Time In Syria

The intensity of fighting increases with each passing day in Syria. Colonel Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed, of he Free Syrian Army, announced his forces intended to capture the major city of Aleppo.  Reports of tanks, artillery, helicopters clashing in the streets of Damascus have led to over 30,000 fleeing for their lives to Lebanon. Iraq closed its borders to refugees on ground it lacks the resources to handle an influx of such large numbers of people. Christians are terrified at the  prospect that Sunni clerics will gain power in a post Assad government.

It is fascinating to those on the outside at lack of concern by Muslim clerics for this mass killing.  Where are the imams in this hour of need for Muslims? Where are religious  voices supporting the rights of Christians in the post Assad Syria? If Iraq is an example of what will occur in post Assad Syria, it makes sense for Christians to get the heck out of Syria–NOW!

Syria will move from a murderous thug running their nation to a new form of dictatorship running their country.