Fire This Time Is Deadly!

Many years ago, a prominent African American writer warned about “the fire next time” which he claimed would lead to even greater violence and hate. The streets of London are filled with angry youth who are engaged in an orgy of death and destruction. Prime Minister David Cameron has pushed for reduction in aid to youth groups as well as to outreach programs that would benefit the poor. He  like Republicans in America, is convinced that reduce taxes, reduce aid to the unemployed, and life will become transformed into a heaven of jobs and prosperity. For, the wealthy, we can assume.

Last night, a group of Muslim youth were guarding a gas station and other facilities in order to prevent gangs from looting when a car driven by African-Caribbean men drove straight at these young men and killed three. Cameron still maintains firing 9,000 police is necessary and such action “will not lead to reduction in visible policing.” I guess ghost police in the future will handle crime.

Tariq Jahron came upon the scene where three boys were dying to discover one of them was his son. “Blacks, Asians, whites, we all live in the same community. Why do we have to kill one another?” He added, “a day from now, maybe two days, from now, the whole world will forget, and nobody will care.”

We are certain that David Cameron is mainly concerned with the health and security of those with wealth. To douse the flames of hate now requires financial assistance to those who are suffering. NOW, not tomorrow!