Fire This Time Or Fire Of Future?

Republican Senator Marco Rubio was recently quoted as commenting that he was not a “scientist” and therefore was able to state that humans did not play a role in climate change. That was undoubtedly the most intelligent statement he has ever made. For some reason, climate change(a more accurate statement than, ‘global warming’) has become a political and a religious issue for most Republicans. Anyone who has seen pictures from California which is experiencing a horrible drought knows that climate change is here. Reports from Antarctic areas reveal collapse of glaciers can not be halted, it is irreversible. Perhaps, the most shocking photo I have ever seen was that of a tornado fire streaking into the sky. I doubt if anyone prior had seen how fire is now taking on new shapes.

The drought is sweeping through California. Lettuce prices will rise next year along with that of tomatoes. This impacts each and every person. Over twenty thousand farm workers have lost their jobs. Some California cities are introducing “Cash for Grass” programs which require homeowners to replace grass with drought resistant plants. We ARE in a new era. The old climate is gone.