Fire Veteran On “Undue Hardship” Rule?

Once upon a time in America those who served the nation were regarded as heroes who should be honored. That was then, today is now. Democratic Congressmen John Garamendi is proposing new legislation which addresses the current law allowing companies not to rehire deployed men and women on grounds to do so posed an “undue hardship” on the corporation.  Garamendi argues, the current law is “too lenient in allowing employers to dismiss deployed service members.”

This nation has 310,000,000 inhabitants. Of those about 2,000,000 have served in combat over the past decade. They were sent to fight by an overwhelming public which originally supported fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Today, most Americans do not wish to bear the economic burden of those wars. But, they sent men and women off to fight and get wounded. Members of the National Guard had their careers interrupted.

We need a TOUGH LAW that compels any sized business which had one of its employees sent to fight to receive a job upon return. That is the least we can do for those who were screwed by American society. The issue of rehiring is money, the issue of serving is life or death.