Fire When They Raise Hands!

Sarath Fonseka headed the armed forces of Sri Lanka during many years of the difficult and brutal civil war that tore apart the nation. After the war ended, he wanted to work for peace and reconciliation, and thus placed his name in the ring in order to run for president. Alas, that was not what those in power wanted–someone challenging their power. Fonseka has been hounded and persecuted, particularly for openly discussing the “white flag” incident. Soldiers of the rebel Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Elam(LTTE) wanted to surrender. They were told by government forces to raise their hands and slowly move toward them. As they approached guns blazed and the “prisoners” were killed.

Fonseka charges the Secretary of Defense gave orders that no prisoner should be taken alive. He was charged with making being guilty of treason and a three panel group of judges voted 2-1 to send him to jail for three years. The good news is at least one judge had the courage to stand up against this travesty of justice.