Fired For Wearing Hair Loose

In America during the 1960s many young men lost their jobs for wearing long hair, but in modern Turkey, a prominent woman lost her job because she wore her head scarf too loosely and allowed the world to see parts of her hair. As we all know, God’s wife covers her hair when they are out visiting planets in distant galaxies. Ayse Sucu helped to found the Women Activities Center of the Turkish Religious Foundation and built it from an initial two dozen members to a top flight organization of 12,000 women, many of whom hold important positions in the country. She was fired because Ms. Sucu wore her headscarf in a loose manner that allowed parts of her hair to be seen. She also made the mistake of hiring competent people, some of whom were very secular and some even were atheists. After her firing, 28 members of the Women Activities Center tendered their resignations and announced, “we will participate in a new foundation with (Sucu). We have not decided yet whether it will be a new association, platform or other foundation,” said Vildan Karabulut. who had resigned in protest.

The debate is over which version of Islam will be accepted. Ms Sucu and many Turkish women desire a broader based version of Islam that allows for some to adhere to modern ways of thinking and dress while others prefer a more traditional interpretation. Frankly, we doubt if God has time for such great debates, given He has work all over the universe.